Church of the Highlands members visited Three Hots & A Cot, bringing food, supplies, and fellowship! We were truly blessed to experience such generosity and support!

Founded in 2001, Church of the Highlands has experienced mega growth. This non-denominational ministry is involved in church online, prison ministries, and community involvement of many kinds just about everywhere within reach.

As part of their outreach program, one day a year is set aside as Serve Day. A member can suggest a worthy project and other members just show up with whatever is needed. This year Three Hots & A Cot was chosen as a focus for Serve Day and we welcomed members from all around. We enjoyed delicious food, received supplies of all kinds and met many wonderful people!

This photo album highlights the number of visitors, some of the activities and the generosity of these fine people.

A huge THANK YOU! to Matthew Richardson and his family for choosing our organization for Church of the Highlands National Serve Day. Also a BIG thank you and God Bless to all the church members and their families who came to help. Three Hots and the Veterans could not ask for a better group of friends.