A question to our friends:

Does anybody know a professional Surveyor or Engineer willing do something for us and it won’t cost us an arm and a leg?

Here’s the situation:

We have a donor with grant money who wants to help us enclose the front porch at Clay Veterans Center. Here’s the front porch:




We went to the Permits office downtown and were told the following:

1) We need a Flood Plain Permit
2) We need the property surveyed
3) We need an Elevation Certificate

And all the above had to be presented to that official or that office before a permit could be issued.

We were told that one qualified person willing to take the time most likely could do the needed measuring work, or whatever needs to be done.

So, here’s what we need:

Someone who is a licensed Surveyor/Engineer who can do the work that the Permit office needs and will not charge us an arm and leg.

If you know a licensed Surveyor/Engineer who meets our need, would you ask him or her to contact us or could you refer them to us with their permission?

Thank you in advance for your support!