Clay Veterans Center, 2124 Old Springville Rd, Center Point, AL 35215. This is Three Hots and A Cot’s largest location.

In October of 2010 we took ownership of a 15 bedroom – seven bath home in the Center Point area of Birmingham.  We opened for housing at this location on December 18, 2010 and currently provide a home for 13 homeless veterans at this location plus housing for 4 formerly homeless veterans who now serve as part of the staff at Three Hots and A Cot.  In September of 2011 we brought in our first female homeless veteran – and now offer co-ed housing as needed to serve all of our veterans.

We have been able to help nearly six hundred veterans recapture their independence since we opened our doors at this location in December of 2010.

Contact Information

Clay Veterans Center, 2124 Old Springville Rd, Center Point, AL 35215

Office Phone: (205) 520-2356 Fax line: (205) 520-2366