Clearbranch UMC Supporting Three Hots & A Cot – August – 2016
Focused On Veterans… Clearbranch United Methodist Church in Trussville has a Missions Corner in their lobby where Three Hots and A Cot’s mission gets highlighted! Clearbranch UMC members are encouraged to check us out for ways to donate, help, and serve as a part of their own personal mission in relation to the church. Leading the drive to support Three Hots, is Gene Lee and Sandra Lee of Clearbranch UMC. Gene and Sandra are long-time supporters and you can donate right there in their Missions Corner. You can also talk to Gene or Sandra who will explain anything you would want to know about us and why we do what we do.

The pictures below show our table set up in the lobby area and feature Gene and Sandra sharing information and fellowship with church visitors and members. Thank you Gene Lee, Sandra Lee, and Clearbranch United Methodist Church for all that you all do for our veterans!