On Sat, Nov 12th, we went to meet up with members of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama, Wolf Clan. The Wolf Clan meets on the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Alabaster Church of God and we had an invitation to attend today’s meeting.

There are seven clans in Cherokee Society. Historically, the Wolf Clan was the largest of the clans, held the prestige of the village and produced the War Chiefs. In addition, the Echota Cherokee Tribe is, itself, a story of rising from the ashes as it’s Phoenix symbol suggests.

Three Hots and A Cot is a nonprofit organization that supports military veteran warriors who are rebuilding their lives, so we have a similar theme and affinity with the Echota Tribe and try to visit them each year.

Today, our representatives, Mary Springston and Brian Curtis attended their November meeting, met some members, had some good food and loaded up some donations the tribe gathered for our veterans.

Thank you Wolf Clan members of the Echota Cherokee Tribe of Alabama! We appreciate your support!

Here is a link to their webpage for those interested in reading more.