Volunteer Opportunities: Operation Dinner Time! (Prepare and Cook meals for homeless veterans)

Every day, dedicated volunteers help us transform frozen, cold, canned and boxed food, and fruits and vegetables into balanced meals for our veterans. Some of these volunteers are client/residents who take turns preparing meals under our guidance; some volunteers bring to the house meals already ready to serve; some will work our kitchen, taking our ingredients and transforming them into culinary delights that the vets talk about for days afterwards.

Would you like to help? Can you bring prepared meals to our facility for dinnertime or at anytime? Would you prefer to prepare and cook a meal right here on our property? Anything that you or your friends or family could do to help us provide dinner for our veterans for the next few weeks would be appreciated!

If you would like to help, or know someone who would, please call our Clay Veterans Center anytime. We will maintain a calendar of events right here in the office and whoever is on duty can tell you immediately what day is available.

Our phone number here is (205) 520-2356. Our address is 2124 Old Springville Rd, Center Point, AL 35215.

We look forward to seeing you. Thank you for your support!