Thursday, April 14th was the first day of excavation of the drainage ditch behind Clay Veterans Center. This project has been a long time coming.

As rain water flows downhill, limbs, pine straw, mud, trash and all kinds of debris gets carried down into the ditch. It all accumulates in some places along the way. The majority of it accumulates at the culvert directly behind the Veterans Center. Instead of flowing on through, it sits there and blocks the culvert opening. The ditch then overflows, flooding the entire backyard, road and neighbor’s property.

For the first day of work for this project, credit goes to Willoughby Contracting, Scott Burdette, Wilford, Johnny and Johnny Ray.
Scott set this up as a way of giving back to the community and serving our veterans.

Big Thank You from the heart from Three Hots and a Cot! We appreciate the support of everyone involved!