We were contacted by a daughter of Mrs. Robert Jarvis about the condition of her home.

Vick Springston writes,

Mrs.Mildred Jarvis is a young 78 year old lady she is beautiful inside and out. Her husband served two tours in Vietnam, served his country for 23 and a half years. Unfortunately he has since passed. As part of what we do helping our homeless Veterans our organization has been blessed and touched by Mrs Jarvis story not only do we just help our Veterans in need we help our Veterans family. Mrs Jarvis is need of some repairs on her home. when I received a message from one of her daughters I took it to the rest of the staff of Three Hots everyone jumped on board and was more than willing to help. We will address her front porch first its falling in and unsafe. We will set up another date to paint the out side of her house we will reach out to everyone at that time for some assistance in that project.

We did go out and repair Mrs. Jarvis’ front porch. In the process, we made the lead story on the local news! See our Facebook post on the topic for more info here.

The following was provided by the family of the late Robert Jarvis:

photo-29Robert (Bob) Jarvis, born to Lithuanian-American parents, grew up in Benton, Ill. His father and grandfathers were coal miners. His father served his country in the U.S Navy.

Bob joined the Air Force after graduating high school. While stationed to Orlando AFB, Bob met his spunky little wholesome red head at the USO. Mildred, a native Floridian, was attending business college at the time and working as a secretary.

They married and had four children. The kids were always in Girl Scouts, Brownies & Cub Scouts. At home he and the family loved family board games, Yahtzee, cards of any sort and playing shuffle board on a beautiful board handmade in Holland from Teakwood.

Bob was an excellent bowler and was on the base bowling leagues. He loved Archery as well. He also enjoyed fishing. Bob enjoyed the cb radio where he was affectionately known as “Turkey Man.” He was interested in the computer, and spent a lot of time working on family ancestry.

Christmas was his favorite holiday and always tried to go all out. Often he would take a second job, such as theatre manager, to make things possible. He was a hard worker and provider for his family.

After almost 23 years serving his country, with 2 tours in Vietnam and for 1 year in Thailand away from his family, and with some health issues developing, Bob retired in Birmingham, Al. Bob and Mildred purchased a home there and that is the home Mildred still lives in today.

Bob and Mildred always had company drop in to say hi and several have stayed with them, whether it was for getting back on their feet, being young and from a troubled home life, or just life.

After retirement, Bob went to work for the USPS until his health once again forced him to retire. After an open heart surgery, and later left with a transplant as his only option to help with the heart disease, Bob chose to live his life the best he could and to its fullest as he always did. Less than 24 hours after his mother’s passing, Bob said goodbye to Mildred and headed to the store for a pair of dress socks to attend his mother’s funeral. He had a massive heart attack and wrecked right down the street from their home. He passed at age 54.

msjarvisMildred, now in her late 70’s, is still jovial, hospitable, always striking up the conversation, and has always put others before her. She has raised her kids and along the way, a few extras. She still loves to garden, or piddle in the yard. She put a few miles on her vehicles forever doing for family, friends and neighbors. She has had some health issues in the past, but we’re not really surprised to see her bounce back from heart surgery twice. With a new Aorta, she can still work circles around most her age. Her strong faith in Jesus Christ has a lot to with that. If you don’t believe me, just ask her 😉

If Bob were still here today, I have no doubt he would be a frequent guest popping in to chew the fat with his fellow brothers in arms – maybe in a game of chess, rummy, rook, or just sharing stories or offering an ear, (preferably the one he could hear out of after years on the flight line).

He would’ve proudly volunteered his talents for Three Hots and A Cot.  I suspect he would be a bit blown away and humbled by your incredible act of generosity and kindness but most of all immensely proud.

I can’t think of a more deserving woman than the beautiful bride, now widow, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Mildred Jarvis. God has truly blessed us with her; she has been shown favor through your incredible organization.

God bless you all
And may He show His grace on the USA.

The Robert A. Jarvis family.

Three Hots and A Cot is taking an opportunity to honor Mr. Jarvis’ service to our country. We were recently contacted by someone about Mrs. Jarvis’ living conditions and asked if there was anything we could do to help her out. We discovered a damaged front porch foundation pillar that needs repairs now.

We feel that Mr. Jarvis definitely would not want his wife to have to live in a situation like this. By fixing this problem for Mildred, we can both honor Mr. Jarvis’ service to the country he loved, and continue his tradition of care for Mildred, making the home they once shared, safe for her again.

So, this Labor day, 2016, our guys have volunteered to help take care of the problem for her. The main thing is to repair the cracks. Once that is complete, we are scheduling the crew to come back and give the house a new face lift for her. Mrs. Jarvis has requested a color and Lowe’s in Trussville has made that happen.

We hope Mr. Jarvis would have approved our efforts and be proud for her.