Our Initiative

We will not seek to replace any other agency – nor will we be a “one stop – fix it all” shop.

The initiative of “Three Hots and A Cot” is to serve those who have served our country by attacking the challenge in four different ways – all coming together for the final goal: enabling the veteran to transition to a self sustained life style. Our program is both new and an expansion of current services. New – in that we will be the only facility in Birmingham offering these services to veterans only, coordinating our efforts closely with the VA in Birmingham. We will expand other services – addiction treatment availability, job training and employment services, long term housing arrangement. Other types of services will also be offered at our center – but will be coordinated with those agencies currently offering these services. Our center will provide a home base of operations for the veteran to access available services to him or her as needed.

A part of this initiative is to also identify veterans who are in danger of becoming homeless. Through networking with social agencies, faith based organizations and veterans organizations we will identify these veterans. We will also keep the awareness of our services in front of the veteran population and local government agencies to continue to drive down the number of veterans who are or may become homeless. We can then begin case management to ensure this veteran does not become homeless.

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Three Hots and A Cot is a 501(c)3 recognized organization. All gifts are tax deductible.