Michael Tucker is one of many Three Hots and A Cot success stories. In his own words:

“Determination, perseverance and focus. These are the things it takes to accomplish the goals set before us.”

“For the car donated to me…Thank you, Three Hots and A Cot!”

We were out at our Old Springville Road Veterans Center the evening of 10/25/16 around 6:00 pm. We get together with our residents on a regular basis to ensure their well-being. This is an opportunity to bring up any unresolved issues, introduce ideas for improvements or to talk about anything at all. And our meetings always end on a positive note.

On this occasion, the keys to the vehicle in question were presented to Michael at the end of this meeting. Although the main purpose of the get together was unrelated to the presentation of the keys, we thought it would make a nice ending. Michael didn’t know if he would ever get a vehicle or that we were going to do that at that time so he was as surprised as anyone. Presenting Michael with the key is our CFO, Rich Cislak: