As of this morning 2/25/17, Three Hots and A Cot has been rated a GOLD participant by Guidestar.

GuideStar is the world’s largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.

GuideStar’s Nonprofit Profiles provide you with the information you need to make smart decisions, build connections, and learn from each other to achieve your missions.

For all the nonprofits in the nation, Guidestar is the premium rating and grading site used by donors and foundations.

Less than 1% of the non profits in the nation achieve this status.

Our program, financial reporting, IRS requirements, best practices, and many more items have been inspected and graded as in the top 1% of the nation.

Over the next few days we will be updating the current budget numbers on Guidestar.

You can donate to Three Hots and A Cot knowing that we adhere to high standards of transparency and reporting practices.

Click the GuideStar badge below. Donate with confidence!