For many of us, when we think about our jobs and about earning a living, it means having to grit our teeth and do some things we don’t like. That’s work. And so we tend to bring that “work” model into our thinking when our minds turn to community service, or volunteering to help others. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s possible to approach even the most sobering of situations with humor and we think what we do can be fun.

To love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun?
~Katharine Graham

What we need some times, is the same thing our communities need – elbow grease – group effort towards the common good, rallying together, finding like minded people and working shoulder to shoulder. Having fun while putting forth this effort is the reward along the way to the goal. So is making new friends, feeling satisfaction, improved physical health, and all the other perks of volunteering.


You can enjoy being part of an organization that is making a difference, spend time with really nice people, feel good when you leave – and it doesn’t even cost admission!

Can you invest an hour or two of your day or your week or month to help serve those who’ve served?

If so, please register as a volunteer. You can even contact House Managers directly.

Our House Manager at Saint Benedict’s Veterans Center can be reached at (205) 202-5755.

Our House Manager at the Clay Veterans Center can be reached at (205) 520-2356.

If you would like to register now (as a volunteer) and have us email or call you with info, then please sign up below! Our volunteers really brighten our days. We love our volunteers! Thank you for your service to those who’ve served!