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Homeless veterans can be found on the streets of every major city and every state in our nation. From Washington DC to Norfolk and Richmond, VA to Jacksonville and Tampa, FL to Houston and Dallas, TX to San Diego and Los Angeles, CA. There is a need for our initiative in many locations.

The Homeless population in Birmingham is currently at nearly 3,000. Of these approximately 800 are veterans, 5% of these are women. Many of these veterans are dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues. All face each day on the streets looking for a meal and a place to sleep in safety. There are limited beds available for the entire homeless population and the veterans receive no special treatment because they are veterans. 27% of these homeless are chronic homeless – over 12 months on the streets. The availability of services and treatment centers is a major obstacle in providing for the homeless population. Three Hots and a Cot is here to serve the Homeless Veteran Population.

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