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Reprinted just below, is the info from the original post for your reference:

We are raffling a WW2 Army Helmet signed by Post 9-11 Veterans. Tickets for this raffle are only $1.00 each!

This helmet appears to be a M1 and M1s were combat helmets that saw continued use all the way up until around 1985.

This particular helmet has been in our possession locked in a showcase at our Springville Rd Veterans Center for quite awhile. It was signed by Post 9-11 combat Veterans or Veterans who were in the service in conflict zones during an official military campaign after 9-11. These veterans have spent time with Three Hots and A Cot. We’ve gotten to know them and help them to the best of our ability.

Some of you reading this have most likely met one or more of these Veterans during your holiday visit to one of our houses. Maybe they helped you when you made a donation or when you came by to see us for a different reason.

With each Veteran who comes through our program, we learn more about the experiences and specific needs of each individual. We try to use this knowledge in an effort to make our program better for each one. As we’re doing this,¬†we’re also depending on donations and contributions for our funding. We offer this helmet to the winner of the raffle and all proceeds will go to benefit our Veterans to help better serve them. The drawing will be held on December 19th.

Please call Vick Springston for more information at (205) 593-1078. Thank you for your consideration and for supporting our Veterans.

The signatures:

Justin Reeves

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Operation Enduring Freedom



Desert Storm

Oct ’89-’97

Melissa Ezell


Desert Shield

Desert Storm


Vivian D. Kincaid

US Navy 2007-2011

Operation Iraqi Freedom

War on Terror

Nelson Davidson


Desert Storm

Gordon K.


Desert Storm

Kevin Morgan


Operation Iraqi Freedom